Wanna Get Away? Two Separate 20 Acre Properties With No Zoning Restrictions!! For Sale

  • $17,979

With the world going a bit sideways recently, now might be a good time to find some affordable property a little off the beaten path.

Like a property that has no zoning and gives you 20 acres at or below the price of 10 acre parcels in the area.

Minutes from the El Malpais National Conservation Area Territory of sandstone cliffs, canyons & backcountry for hiking, camping, rock-climbing & more, but only 107 miles to Gallup and 125 miles to Albuquerque, these properties are near enough to head into town or the city when you want to but far enough away to be able to breathe peacefully, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Two 20-Acre Parcel for Just $17,979 each!

If you are ready to purchase, please send us an email at sales@nonstopland.com and we will personally set up your payments.

Property Details:

 Property North Property South
APN 2077046465350 & 2077046465320 2077046340015 & 2077046340050
Lot Number Lots 12A & 13A Lots 23 & 24
Parcel Size 20 Acres 20 Acres
Subdivision Tierra Verde Tierra Verde
GPS Corners 34.924115, -108.238709 34.917619, -108.234311
34.924113, -108.234615 34.917612, -108.229913
34.925923, -108.238699 34.915812, -108.234205
34.925902, -108.234721 34.915818, -108.229917
Google Map Link https://goo.gl/maps/xQQUC65tNSLMNGCLA https://goo.gl/maps/DsECUAFZwJuwVGFn6
Elevation 7497 Feet 7533 Feet
Access Platted Dirt Platted Dirt
Closest Small Town Ramah Ramah
Taxes Up To Date – $293.22/Year/20 Acres Up To Date – $292.20/Year/20 Acres
Zoning None None
Terrain Level Level
Land Cleared Wooded
Property Buildable? Yes Yes
What Can Be Built? Anything Anything
Time Limit To Build None None
Camping Allowed? Yes Yes
RV’s Allowed? Yes Yes
Mobile Homes Allowed? Yes Yes
Flood Zone None None
Water Would need a well dug Would need a well dug
Sewer Would need to install a septic Would need to install a septic
Power Would need to install solar Would need to install solar
Phone Cell or Satellite Cell or Satellite
In The Area El Morro – 27 min (12.8 miles)
Cerro Bandera – 40 min (22.2 miles)
Oso Ridge Lookout – 44 min (21.1 miles)
Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano – 40 min (23.0 miles)
Cerro Lobo – 51 min (21.8 miles)
Chain-Of-Craters Wilderness Study Area – 56 min (23.4 miles)
Cerro Alto – 51 min (21.8 miles)
Cerro Brilliante – 1 h 9 min (28.1 miles)


Property Location: 26 minutes SW from Pine Hill Market, NM

Welcome, Future Land Owners, this is Sanju from Washington DC.  I grew up in the US believing that everyone has the right to the American Dream.  A big part of that dream is owning a place of your very own. I was able to do that in 2005, but since then, it has become increasingly difficult for hard working Americans like you to be able to do that.  My goal with NonStop Land is to offer great pieces of land at below market value. I am so committed to helping you achieve your dream of owning land that I am willing to offer flexible owner financing on all our properties.  

We are here to help you find a great piece of land that fits your needs and helps make your dreams come true.  I was able to find my piece of land. Allow me to now help you do the same!

I want you to feel comfortable with your purchase so our properties come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your land for any reason, you can exchange your parcel for another one within 60 days with no question asked!

If you have any questions or concerns about any properties and want to talk with me personally, please reach out and I am more than happy to discuss. Thanks for checking out this property. 

You can make your dream a reality, by taking action now!

– Sanju

184 James Valley Rd
Ramah, NM 87321
Lot Size:
10 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

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